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Saturday August 09th 2008.


In November of 2007, The SNDP Fireworks Committee approached ProFormance Pyrotechnics to consult and design the pyrotechnics for the Singapore National Day Parade 2008. As this was Singapore 's 43rd Birthday celebrations, Chad Barrett (SNDP Pyrotechnics Designer) wanted to create a unique viewing experience original to previous years of just "Stage and Barge" based pyrotechnics effects. By making use of the Long Stage Backdrop of almost 120Meters and a transparent Low Res LED screen of 28 meters in height, we created a curtain of effects suspended by the towers and the screen alike (More details can be seen in the video below). For the first time in Singapore we introduced a traditional Spanish Mascalletta to open the daylight section of the event which also showcased some of our new Daylight Multicoloured Smoke Cakes. We created a segment of 180 Mascalletta reports timed to the opening soundtrack Drum Beats, it created an audible sensation over Marina Bay that generated the energy the event required for such a celebration. For the Finale Segment of the display, 800 Golden Brocade Crowns were fired in a 45second period to put the finishing touches to the spectacle and crowned the event over, these shells we shot from a single barge position located in the centre of Marina Bay .

The SNDP for 2008 consisted of 11 various segments of Pyrotechnics and was shot from 4 Primary Firing Positions, The Main Stage, 2 Mid Level Floating Platforms and the High Level Fireworks Barge. Fireworks were also mounted on various Production Prop items such as Parade Rifles, Motor Bikes, Watercraft, Chinese Dragons, Flying Fox men and Inflated Bay Birds. The Firing system chosen for this project was Fireone which boasted a multitude of the available equipment range from the Master Control Panels to the Portable Firelite systems. The Master Consoles were running hard wired XLR Time code and communicating to various positions through a network of 16 Gauge XLR cables. The more remote firing sites communicated with the Master Consoles through the Fireone Wireless Transceiver system. The Firework products were custom made by ProFormance Pyrotechnics which proved critical in getting the specific items matched to the designed display segments. The event was a magical experience for not only our team but the viewing Singapore nation.



All firework products were selected solely from the ProFormance Pyrotechnics products catalogue and available from their LiuYang sales office, for further information on the event itself or for a sales catalogue and DVD please contact the ProFormance Pyrotechnics team direct on



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