Test drive ShowSim with no risk by downloading a demonstration copy today! Experience the future of pyrotechnic show design with our intuitive user interface and watch your shows come to life on the screen. Several demo shows illustrate some of the effects possible, and a full online version of the documentation is included in the download.

The demo copy is fully functional with the exception of the following limitations:

30 run trial period
Reports can be viewed, but not printed
Can not export show data
Watermark displayed during simulations
Can not create voice command files
Can not create video files

To recieve an unlock code for the Demo Software please email at
Inventory Imports
The task of setting up a full inventory can be ominous if starting from scratch. However, if you already have an inventory setup in another scripting application, then a lot of work can be saved by importing this directly. ShowSim supports a variety of common inventory database formats used in other applications. If the format of your inventory is not supported, then you can contact ShowSim to have a new import filter developed for your specific file format.

Inventory Manager
The Inventory Manager panel is a central location where you can manage the way your inventory is organized, view statistics, update stock quantities, do cost analysis and other useful functions having to do with inventory items.

Show Product Removal
Rather than adjust inventory quantities while you build your show, ShowSim allows you to complete your show and then deduct it from inventory all at once when the show is completed and ready to fire. This method of inventory deduction also allows you to subtract the same show stock more than once, which is useful for “canned” shows that you may fire on a regular basis.

Show Product Replacement
ShowSim allows you to add the products consumed by a show back into inventory with a single button click. This feature is useful for replacing stock that was previously removed for a show that was rained out or canceled for some reason.

Inventory Editor
The Inventory Editor is where all items in your inventory groups are created and edited. A scrollable list similar to the Cue Editor is used to manage all information associated with each inventory item. In addition to stock number and effect description, each inventory item is assigned price, manufacturer, stock quantity, size, prefire time, weight and setback distances. These fields are necessary in order to take advantage of other features in ShowSim, such as dynamic cost tracking during show construction, safety reports and inventory stock alerts.

Inventory Alerts
Since the number of inventory items in your database can get very large and distributed into many groups, the task of checking for reorder status or missing data would be unmanageable if you had to do it by browsing items in the Inventory Editor one at a time. The Inventory Alert utility was created to make this task much easier and fully automated, giving you ten different kinds of alerts to choose from. These alerts are broken down into two basic types: inventory quantity checks and incomplete data entry checks.

Product Restock Alerts
Each inventory item is given a restock threshold when the item is added to inventory. When the quantity of an item falls below the restock threshold, a restock alert will be generated for the item.

Missing Data Alerts
Incomplete inventory data can cause false reports when doing cost analysis or even result in improper effect performance during simulation. Missing data alerts give you a way to search for incomplete data in your inventory so you can insure the integrity of your data.

Mortar Stock Alerts
ShowSim allows you to enter your mortar and rack inventory into the database, which can then be used to alert you to rack shortages based on the firing dates of your shows. If several shows overlap in a given time period, ShowSim helps you insure that you have enough racks to cover your needs.

Inventory Manager
Inventory Editor
Inventory Alerts
Mortar/Rack Inventory