Test drive ShowSim with no risk by downloading a demonstration copy today! Experience the future of pyrotechnic show design with our intuitive user interface and watch your shows come to life on the screen. Several demo shows illustrate some of the effects possible, and a full online version of the documentation is included in the download.

The demo copy is fully functional with the exception of the following limitations:

30 run trial period
Reports can be viewed, but not printed
Can not export show data
Watermark displayed during simulations
Can not create voice command files
Can not create video files

  To recieve an unlock code for the Demo Software please email at
Custom Background Images
Use digital photos of your actual shoot sites as back drops for your simulations. Photos can be resized from within ShowSim, and effects can be fired from behind images as well as in front of them for added 3-D realism.

Unlimited Firing Positions
Use as many firing positions as it takes to get the job done.

Dragable Position Markers
Firing positions are easily positioned by dragging arrow icons around on the display area. You can even relocate positions after cues have already been assigned to them, allowing you to fine tune the appearance of your shows after all the scripting is done.

Adjustable Viewing Distance
Effects are scaled according to a viewing distance that you can specify. Viewing distances can be set for each firing position, allowing some effects to be fired up close, such as cakes and gerbs, while other effects can be set back further from the viewer.

Music in 8-bit or 16-bit WAV Format
For choreography applications, ShowSim can support scripting to music soundtracks recorded in either 8-bit or 16-bit WAV format. Sound data is streamed from your hard drive, so very large music files are not a problem.

Multiple Cue Naming Formats
Three cue naming formats are provided, allowing you to choose the format you are used to working with. These include the alpha-numeric format (example: A-1), the numeric-numeric format (exmaple: 1-1) and the PyroDigital hexadecimal format (example: 0F-1).

Adjustable Module and Cue Limits
Specify the maximum allowed module count and the cues allowed per module, preventing cue numbers from exceeding your hardware limitations.

Manufacturer Specific Default Prefire Times
For shows where the exact prefire times for each effect used is not critical or not known, a table of manufacturer specific prefire times can be used to assign default prefire values to each item as you build your show. You can also create your own table of default prefire times.

Placing firing positions.
Setting show preferences.