Test drive ShowSim with no risk by downloading a demonstration copy today! Experience the future of pyrotechnic show design with our intuitive user interface and watch your shows come to life on the screen. Several demo shows illustrate some of the effects possible, and a full online version of the documentation is included in the download.

The demo copy is fully functional with the exception of the following limitations:

30 run trial period
Reports can be viewed, but not printed
Can not export show data
Watermark displayed during simulations
Can not create voice command files
Can not create video files

  To recieve an unlock code for the Demo Software please email at sales@proformancepyro.com
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a motion picture is priceless.  ShowSim frees your imagination to focus on the creative aspects of your pyrotechnic show designs by integrating a ground breaking scripting and choreography interface with realistic effect simulations, allowing you to preview your shows in real time color animation with sound effects and music.  ShowSim takes the guesswork out of fireworks show visualization for both designers and clients!
Scripting with integrated simulation
Powerful time line editor
Effect browser with search & filtering
Click & shoot effect browsing
Drag & drop show creation
Multiple item clipboard
Timer chain support
Script different effects on same cue
Custom background images
Unlimited firing positions
Over 1200 stock effects
Create custom effects
Effect library add-ons
Full screen simulation mode
Inventory management
View running show cost as you work
Setup reports with accurate rack counts
Export directly to hardware formats
Create PyroDigital audio feeds
Import your existing inventory database
Visual Effect Browsing
Clicking any effect listed in the effect browser will immediately fire it right on the screen. Rather than trying to figure out what the effect name means or looking at a static picture that shows just one frame of animation, ShowSim allows you to see exactly what the effect will do before adding it to your show!

Script Complex Cues
Script your cues exactly how they appear in real life, even when different effects of different sizes need to be fired from the same cue. No more confusing scripts resulting from software limitations!

Timer Chain Support
Timer chains are a common way to make bigger shows using less cues. ShowSim provides full support for these delay chains, both during simulation and when printing setup and chain fusing reports.

Data Loss Prevention
ShowSim is driven by a powerful database server that runs outside the main application. This means your data is continually saved as you work, rather than requiring you to periodically click “Save” to make changes permanent. Data loss due to unexpected power outages or system crashes are minimal to none.

Effect Browser with Search and Filter
A powerful effect browser allows you to sort through the thousands of categorized effects within the effect libraries. Filter effects by size, type or manufacturer, or search for effects containing keywords.

Main scripting interface.
Script complex chains on a single cue.
Arrange panels however you like.

Drag and Drop Show Creation
Once you find the effect you are looking for, simply drag it from the effect browser and drop it right into your cue list.

Cue-Drop Record Mode
A special record mode allows you to drop blank cues in real time while listening to music. This is a common choreography technique preferred by many designers.

Multi-Item Clipboard
A special clipboard allows you to copy single effects, single buckets on a given chain or an entire cue into memory. You can copy as many items as you want, then select them from the clipboard list when reusing them elsewhere.

Build From Inventory
The fastest way to script a show is to work from an inventory of pre-defined effects. Prefire times, effect size, effect type and other parameters are automatically set when placing effects from an inventory database.

Running Show Cost
When building shows from inventory, a running total for the cost of the show is displayed on the main menu bar. Keep an eye on cost overruns as you work, or just keep adding shells until the budget limit has been reached.

Visually Test Single Effects & Cues
The advantage to having scripting and simulation integrated into the same development tool is the ability to get instant feedback on the appearance of your show at any time during the creation process. Test fire a single cues or even effects within a cue to see how it looks before moving on.

Auto Cue Numbering
Cue numbers are automatically assigned as you work, but a more powerful tool allows you to reassign all cue numbers at once based on several grouping criteria. Group cue numbers by position or segment to insure that modules are not split across large distances. Cue numbers can also be ordered according to time, shell size or effect type in addition to the grouping requirements.

Auto Cue Descriptions
Even when you are not working from inventory, the descriptions for each cue are automatically generated using a default naming convention. This optional feature can be turned off on a per cue basis, but the amount of work it saves makes it valuable in most cases.

Simulation with timeline at bottom.
Effect Browser with filters and search.

Multiple Time Formats
A variety of standard time formats are supported, including 10ms, 100ms and SMPTE 24, 25 and 30. Formats can be changed at any time while working, and all display times will adjust to reflect the current format.

Metric or English Units
English and metric units are supported throughout the application, depending on your preferences.

View Launch or Burst Times
The time line and cue list can show either burst times or lift times, depending on what you prefer to work with. These modes can be quickly toggled back and forth with the click of a button.

Batch Cue Removal
A utility for specifying groups of cues to be deleted makes removing portions or entire segments of a show fast and easy.

Batch Time Adjustments
A utility for adding or removing time from groups of cues makes it easy to expand a show by adding new segments between existing segments.

Front Wizard Tool
A utility for automatically creating the spacing and angles for fanned effect front configurations makes this task go much faster.

Finale Wizard Tool
A utility for creating large chains containing hundreds of effects makes this otherwise monotonous task go much faster.

Show Merging
Show data that has been exported into a .sho file can be merged into an existing show, allowing several designers to work on portions of a given show and then merge them all together.

Sort by Column Type
The cue list can be easily sorted by one of six column data types, and also supports second and third order sorting to insure your cues are listed in the most readable order.

Adjustable Screen Layout
The size and position of all screen elements are fully customizable by the user, and your changes are remembered even after the application is shut down. Do you like to work with the time line at the bottom, a full length cue list or an effect picker at the right side of the screen? No problem!

Dragging a cue marker on the timeline.
Script complex timed effect fronts.