Friday 14th September 2007


ProFormance Pyrotechnics takes 3rd Place at the "First International Artistic Fireworks Championship" near Beijing on the 13th of September 2007.
The theme of the 6 competing displays was set by the event organizers as "Ode to the Olympics". ProFormance Pyrotechnics designed a Pyro Musical Event choreographed to a Soundtrack created in House on their Apple ProTools Work station. Music tracks from Queen, Celine Dion, John Williams and Of course the Olympic Fanfare all had a position in the 22 minute performance.



Set at the beautiful starting point of the Great Wall of China the ProFormance Pyrotechnics Display consisted of a little over 2000 Shells ranging from 3" to 12", Plenty of Single Shot Comet Fans, Mines, Display Cakes, Display Candles and Water Cakes, the team did their best to depict a story line of the upcoming Beijing Olympic 2008 event. From the very start of opening night celebrations to the competitive edge of all entering athletes, to medal presentations and the final goodbye, ProFormance Pyrotechnics Displayed it all.


The Fireworks were shot by 2 systems simultaneously; the Monetti FBC-300 Pyroleda System "With its New Remote Firing Functionality" was used to control 875 cues of Shells. And a Fireone Unit was used to control all Chase Sequences and Ground Position Fireworks on a further 960 Cues. The comet fan racks were controlled by smaller 16 Shot Slave Sequencer units which were triggered by a single cue on the Fireone system. These units are available direct from ProFormance Pyrotechnics. The Display was choreographed by Chad Barrett on ShowSim XL and took over 200 working hours to perfect. The ground effects were ffected earlier that afternoon when a huge Thunderstorm laid its best on the display site, causing alot of excess water damage to various Comet installations and Multishot display cakes. But even with the few miss firing cues, the team was over excited to take 3rd against such a strong International Line Up.



The Display Positions were as follows:
1st: PyroMagic Productions - Hong Kong
2nd: Dancing Fireworks - China
3rd: ProFormance Pyrotechnics - Australia
Runner Up: Hanwah Group - South Korea
Runner Up: Weco - Germany
Runner Up: Luso Pirotecnia Portugal

All firework products were selected solely from the ProFormance Pyrotechnics products catalogue and available from their LiuYang sales office, for further information on the event itself or for a sales catalogue and DVD please contact the ProFormance Pyrotechnics team direct on




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