Saturday 27th October 2007


In October 2007 ProFormance Pyrotechnics Pty Ltd competed in the 8th International Fireworks Competition in LiuYang China, against France, America and China. The display was voted to have the Highest Quality products of all display teams and was awarded the plaque for this placement. Please Enjoy a 6 minute video of the 15minute display on the supplied You Tube video below. The display shells was shot by the Pyroleda Digital Firing System and contained almost 1600 cues in total. Over 2000 Shells from 4" to 10" were fired through the display and many more individual ground effects.


During the Finale we fired 47 (2" 24 Shot Brocade Crown Mine Water Cakes), to truly compliment the Massive Brocade Crown Finale. This is just one example of where our leading water cake effects have brought success on the display scene, we hope you enjoy watching them on the You Tube Video within. The display was designed on the Brilliant ShowSim XL scripting package by Chad Barrett and took over 60 Hours to produce. It was decided to control this display via 2 seperate firing systems, 1:Pyroleda 2:Fireone . As mentioned earlier the Pyroleda controlled all Aerial effects, while the Fireone system controlled all Fronts along the 200 Meter distance. Both systems worked very well side by side and gave us the redundancy required for such a large program showcase.

All firework products were selected solely from the ProFormance Pyrotechnics products catalogue and available from their LiuYang sales office, for further information on the event itself or for a sales catalogue and DVD please contact the ProFormance Pyrotechnics team direct on



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