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(14/04/2006) Between April 3-7, 2006, Southern Cross Fireworks International participated in the Annual International Fireworks Symposium featured in Berlin Germany .

ProFormance Pyrotechnics and Southern Cross Fireworks International was proud to take part in the Annual International Symposium on Fireworks in Berlin . We had the opportunity to finalize dealings with both Italian Giants Monetti and Vaccalluzzo to become their official Austral-Asian Distributors which extends to North America with Vaccalluzzo. Many aspects of the pyrotechnics industry was discussed over the 5 day period, including the official BAM test reports on firework malfunctions. Please take the time to browse through the photos within by clicking the Yellow dot below. Enjoy!

We would like to say hello to some of our international friends from the ISF, if anyone has been forgotten please accept my apologies: The Monetti Family, Team Vaccalluzzo, Antonio Scarpato, Allan Liu, Hans-Georg Kehse, Noah Le Mare, Bill Raynault, Aiwa Li, Ruud Nieuwenhuijse, Clemens Novak, Alexandre Simao, Garry Wang, Antonio Alonso, Adrian Martel, Francisco Gomis, Peter "The" Brave, Gunter Vogler, Brian Lim, Doy Tan and Paul Phillipsen, thankyou all for a fantastic experience.