Sequencer FSQ will allow you to create scintillating figures to incorporate into your firework displays
25 lines in total
Voltage at 24 V
Firing intervals from 0.03 to 999 sec
Connection check-up on all lines
6 programmation modes
Visual and sonic simulation of sequences
Compatible with any firing system
“LINE IN” connection with firing system by wire
“LINE OUT” for other Sequencers in parallel
“LINE OUT 25” for other Sequencers in cascade
Dot Matrix Display
Rechargeable internal battery
Battery check & recharge indicator LEDs
Dimensions: 41,5 x 20 x 8 cm
Two years warranty 

Compatible with any firing system         

It can be programmed by PC         

Utilization as Stand-Alone or as“DISCIPLE” of the digital firing system FBC 300

To trigger the Sequencer FSQ 200 you need an electric impulse of minimum 9 Volts to maximum 300 Volts. Just connect it, as an electric igniter, to a battery, to Pyroleda FRC 200 or to any kind of firing system.
Program mode and timing of the Sequencer FSQ 200 from the control panel DOT matrix display, 2 programming button, Status LED
| | |
Display Read Outs - Constant - Accelerate - Decelertae - Individual Program
| |
Display Read Outs - Remote (FBC300 Controlled) Simulation and Trigger (Step by Step)

In addiction to the standard modes, decide yourself the delay between the shooting lines from a minimum of 0.03 sec. to a maximum of 16 minutes.

Use Sequencer FSQ 200 as an extension of your own firing system.

You can Program the Sequencer by using “Hyperterminal”from your laptop or desktop computer (see Pyroleda® FRC 200)
Maximum flexibility of set-ups
Sequencer in cascade set-up

If you don't want to buy but you need the equipment just for short time?

Contact us and we will send you an offer for renting the firing system with technical support.

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