Pyroleda FRC 200 - the innovative electronic firing system successfully distributed all over Europe IS NOW COMING TO AUSTRALIA

50 lines in total

multi-line function

simultaneous ignition possible from up to 15 different positions

3 possible kinds of setup

memorization of firing sequence

continuous connection check-up

safety key for locked/loaded mode

loading through personal access code

200 to 275 V electric impulses

rechargeable internal battery

can be powered directly at 12 V

battery check and recharge indicator LEDs

service light

two-years warranty


The electronic technology in the Pyroleda firing system allows

it to be operated either manually or programmed using your own PC.

Pc programming text sequence included with the purchase of your Pyroleda system.

Program Pyroleda® FRC 200 with PC


Create your display at home by using an easy TXT file and save it into your PC for the next time

Few key words to give the timing to your FRC 200


Use HyperTerminal to comunicate with FRC 200 and make your custom programs.

It's available in all version of Windows. No extra software are needed

Transfer your programmation from your PC to Pyroleda® FRC 200

Before the display set your FRC 200 in automatic mode and shoot the show automatically (manual or pyromusical)

with accurancy of 10ms shots.

You can always interrupt the auto mode and continue the display manually 

If you don't want to buy but you need the equipment just for short time?

Contact us and we will send you an offer for renting the firing system with technical support.

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