Wednesday August 20th 2008.


Australian and China based company ProFormance Pyrotechnics performed a Majestic display of Brilliance and colour on August 20th 2008 over the city of Budapest Hungary in honor of St. Stepen's Day, the national holiday.

The duration of the display was 21 minutes and was fired from 6 separate locations. 3 Barges, 2 Bridges and 1 Land Based firing site. The locally orchestrated soundtrack depicted various scenes of national culture, dance, religion and the royal power. With a budget of USD$500,000.00 and 10 musical Segments created, it gave ProFormance Pyrotechnics the chance to script each segment with unique standalone effects and themes. Each Bridge contained a front of 250 meters, giving the city its first glance of long Comet, Candle and Mine Runs.  All the products displayed were produced from Lidu or directly from the ProFormance Pyrotechnics China Catalogue range.

The display was shot using the Fireone Firing system, with a total of 97 modules used and 204 x 32 Shot Rails giving a total of 6528 cues shot. The systems were initiated and synchronized using a FSK time code based transmission.

Scripting for this display was taken to new heights using the recently released SHOWSIM 3D choreography software package, and was scripted by one of the companies directors Chad Barrett. The display was a huge success and was praised by the viewing audience and the city's Government VIP's alike.


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All firework products were selected solely from the ProFormance Pyrotechnics products catalogue and available from their LiuYang sales office, for further information on the event itself or for a sales catalogue and DVD please contact the ProFormance Pyrotechnics team direct on



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