August 20th 2008. ProFormance Pyrotechnics performed an amazing display of Pyrotechnic Art to celebrate St. Stephen's Day in Budapest City Hungary. The USD$500,000.00 budgeted display was shot over 6 various locations to an onsite viewing audience of 1.4Million people. Click on the photos left or right for Video footage and more information.
August 9th 2008, Singapore National Day exploded with the custom deisgns of ProFormance Pyrotechnics. The 8 month project ended with the biggest and grandest of Finales and was loved and commented by all who viewed - More details are within, please click on the photo to the left of right to enter the article and see the video!.
January 26th 2008 , Happy Australia Day, and what better way to celebrate the nations day then to watch a ProFormance Pyrotechnics Skyshow in Melbourne Australia. K-Rock Starshow 15. Enjoy the details and photos of this annual event by clicking on either photo on the side panels of this article.

In October 2007 ProFormance Pyrotechnics competed in the 8th International Fireworks Competition in LiuYang China. Our company was voted to have the Highest Quality products of all display teams and was awarded the plaque for this placement. Click the photos either side to open a photo album of the event.

Proformance Placed 3rd in the First International Artistic Fireworks Competition!

Proformance Pyrotechnics was selected to represent Australia at the First International Artistic Fireworks Competition in Quinhuangdao 2007. This is one of a number of prelude events to the Beijing Olympics 2008.

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